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End Poem from Kiss Punch Poem 12/14/13

Welcome to the Drunk Sad Dad Power Hour,
time to put away those tears
and start pounding these beers

Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed
Velvet Underground Cover Band
performs on top of the empire state building
dressed as vomit-covered Santas
and this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang,
but a cover of ‘Sweet Nuthin’ about garlic knots

Sometimes T.S Eliot
just wants to have a blindfolded threesome
and really doesn’t care who’s sucking his cock.
This is the new American family.
This is progress.

Drunk santas burning their beads to stay warm
Drunk santas burning their bellies for fuel
Drunk sanas burning a pile of E-Z passes
trying to get the cash inside

The lighthouse is a santa burning to show us the way

Dead Drunk Burnng santas gave us this country and
Dead Drunk Burning santas can take it away

Dear Improvisers,
Thanks for tricking drunk young people into
listening to poetry.

Drunk burning santa corpses littering the streets
of 15th century England
Drunk burning santa corpses lining the road
to Magic Satan’s Magic Palace

This week on the CW
drama comes to the Plague House
where there’s only one treatment left
and the sexy bisexual doctor
is looking for the best offer

Hey Russ, see if you can find me?
– Are you hiding in the bushes?
-Are you hiding in the trees?
No. C’mon Russ, you’re better than this.
-Oh fuck, are you hiding in front of the wall again?

Some puns fall into your lap,
and some you have to work for.

Drunk santas crossing the George Washington Bridge
Drunk santas marching down the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Drunk santas sleeping til April,
in a snowbank so silent and white.

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