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Roof at Dawn

This is quite an old piece that I was just re-reading lately and thought I would post. An imitation of Gerard Manley Hopkins’  The Windhover, I think it has some of the best sounding phrases I’ve ever written.


Roof at Dawn

To Gerard Manley Hopkins

I smelt this evening evening’s feeling, svelt slight fleet-
ness of sun-less, Sophist-sequined bleakness: sable blanket in its brightness
Over bay-born breeze wisp wailing from the South, soft-silent gliding flightless
Skyward, where the brazen, cozened zephyr billets blazon to the heaven’s heat
In vain! What pain and pity process this defeat
As off it blows toward hallowed hollows, dimples dour and delightless
Leaving light, air, still. Lungs lifted from late tightness
By a baffled breadth of breath—to darkling drink; sip night so sweet!

Such starry smells of far-off fires faint kiss, yes, calm, Sol, solemn, speak
Loudly! And let life’s laughter quake the quiet’s shadow shimmer
‘Til ten-thousand thinkers, thoughts afloat awaken, love leave lover’s cheek.

A heady shine: beams bravest break first sunlight-sunrise simmer
From a half-horizon, sight-less blinding brightness, as I seek
Aloof, red rooftop-riding, gilded glimmer.