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Hotwriting is a performance medium I’ve been developing over the past year or so, and I guess it’s a little strange that there isn’t a post about it on here. Basically I use a wireless USB keyboard, a full-screen word processor called Q10 and a hotkey-scripting language called AutoHotkey to tie strings of text (i.e. lines of a poem) to a specific key on the keyboard, so when I press the key the whole line will show up, and then a recording of that line being read will be played. I’m also doing other fun things with images video and sound design. The best way to get a gist of it is to see it. Below is a video of a performance I did at Derangement of the Senses in June:



And here’s a screen capture of a specific piece:


‘I’m always looking for more places to perform this, if you know of anything get in touch through the contact form on this site.