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The Pahnke Test

If all that is required is closing your eyes and turning inward
then you are already on top of a mountain you’ve invented
looking out on a world you’ve invented
like your self, do you like yourself
in this moment?
Or does thinking about I’s and You’s
at a time like this feel a little profane
C’mon get sacred with me,
I come from a good family
And snow’s just the Barbasol on God’s beard
And the glaciar’s the razor
So let’s go sledding so slowly
We need to reconceptualize time to have fun.

Count to 3 for no reason:
And now everything’s different
(cause we are IN CHARGE here)
and the endless seas lap up against the side of our eliptical machines
but we’ll get to Norway eventually–
I’ve got a preexisting condition and a license to pickle
and our albatross farm is coming along quite nicely,
look how milky and smooth their feathers are
so unlike their old fisherman hearts
and when they nuzzle against us in the night
don’t their warbles sound just a little like someone
playing an Al Green record in the next room,
(someone needed to rebrand the albatross,
it might as well happen here)
HERE on the edge of everything,
or another word for center,
yeah, you add up the times when I was silent
and the times when I was screaming
and tell me what kind of man.i.am
but right here in this circle of dirt
in the sweat lodge of our collective heart
I want you to look me right in my sweaty man-face
and tell me the thing that is true
though it take most of your life
to even utter the first sound.